The Sisterhood of a Million Reasons

Sisterhood. The state or relationship of being a sister or sisters. The quality of being sisterly.  

That’s how the dictionary defines sisterhood.

How do I define sisterhood?

What does sisterhood mean to me? Why, I believe that it’s a million little reasons and a whole lot of big ones all wrapped up into one.

It’s late night phone calls.

It’s movies on rainy afternoons.

It’s being able to cry, like, gut wrenching, snot nosed, puffy eyed, red face type of crying.

It’s the milestones, and it’s the Sunday afternoon brunches.

It’s knowing how she takes her coffee.

What foods she loves.

What grosses her out.

It’s knowing someone better than they know themselves.

It’s being a champion for her when she cannot find the strength to do it herself.  

It’s the Sisterhood of a Million Reasons.  

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