Give A F*CK

The snow is starting to fall, and I can't sleep.

I keep thinking about this father and son I saw walking along the side of the road when I was driving home the other day.

(I don't know if they were actually father and son. But that's what it seemed like.) 

He was pushing a stroller, and there was a toddler trotting alongside him. They had winter coats on…and he also had a cardboard sign on his back.

HOMELESS was the only word I could make out.

And, well, I'm not proud of it, but I kept driving.

The snow is starting to fall, and I can't sleep.

I keep thinking of that man and child.

What are the going to do if the blizzard strikes as bad as they say? Where will they go? What will they eat? How will they stay warm? Would the five bucks I had have helped?

Recently, I saw this post on the interwebs that I thought was brilliant.

It said - 

"Why do people brag about not giving fucks? Do they think it makes them more appealing? Like hey look at me, I'm a heartless asshole. The best kind of people are the ones who give plenty of fucks, the ones with massive hearts who give too many fucks. They are my favourite kind of people."

Again I keep thinking of that man with the toddler.

The snow keeps falling. 

And he's still in my mind.

Again I'm drawn to this quote.


In the age of empowerment and independence and social media highlight streams, we've learned how to take control of our own destiny. And that's a beautiful thing.

But somewhere along the line we forgot how to care about each other.

The term "give no fucks" has become a favorite. A GODFORSAKEN HASHTAG.

Everyone wants peace. Everyone wants equal rights for all. Everyone wants rainbows and unicorns and all things happy (don't get me wrong, I'm on that happy train too), but…how are we supposed to live in peace and harmony if we don't care about one another? If things like #zerofucksgiven is a trendy thing to do?

The snow is falling.

And I still don't know where that man and toddler are going to wind up.

But, I give a fuck.

I do.

I think we all should start to give a fuck a little bit more. 

I think we'd all be better off.