For the professionals who have to speak in front of a crowd, or on a panel, or on camera, and start to panic and sweat, and wish they were anywhere else but in that room or on that stage.

My 10+ years in theatre and education provides an essential background for coaching clients to overcome their fear of public speaking and media engagements.

Through targeted Skype sessions, I will coach you to feel at ease, and dare I say even comfortable, in front of a crowd.

One-on-one coaching begins at $115 an hour, and is customized to fit the individual needs of each client. Prior to our Skype session, I will send additional questionnaires via email, so that we can make the best possible use of our time together. You’ll walk away with the confidence to dazzle the most intimidating room - and have tactile tools in your wheelhouse like breathing techniques, rehearsal preparation, and improv techniques to help you sharpen you public speaking skills.

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