Soar, My Students, Soar

I once taught a group of students who made me a better human.

They made me see the best in myself even when I couldn't see it myself. They made me have hope for the future when the world seemed like it was burning to the ground. They keep that hope alive for me. I hope they always will.

If my future children are like each and every one of them, I'd be a very happy lady. 

They're all heading off to college now, and while time does not allow me to see many of them before they leave, I still have to. leave them with words of wisdom before they go.

Do not party every night. It will be a real temptation to do so, but it will be catastrophic to your brain and body to do so. Limit yourself to Thursday through Sunday, if you must. 

Audition for everything. Even when you think you cannot do it. Even when you are scared to do it. DO IT. And then pretend I'm sitting at that table. Remember what I saw in you. Remember what I still see. Remember that they will see it too, if you let them.

Learn from everyone. Everyone will teach you something, even if it's what not to do.

Go to sports games. It's important to leave the theatre every once and a while - the greatest stories are often found in the unexpected. The characters you will have to step into will not only be artistic teenagers, so learn how to step into the shoes of another.

Protect your heart. It's easy to get lost in the culture of a hookup. It might be fun in the moment. It feels terrible in the morning.

Never take less than 16 credits. Never take more than your brain can handle. It is not a race.

Remember if you feel homesick that there are people who will always want to hear from you. Whether it's me, or your parents, or someone else. Call them. The warmth of home cannot come through a text message. Pick. Up. The. Phone. And. Call. Them.

Listen to everyone's stories before you judge. You will not know where another is coming from unless you take the time to learn and listen.

Write everything down, even the bad. 

Don't eat the crap in the cafeteria. Let vegetables become your friends.

Remember you work really hard to be there. And you deserve it.

Remember that I'm so proud of you.

Now go - soar. Land. Thrive. And then soar some more.