Living In My Head

I won't be living in my head, I won't be living in my head.

There are places I haven't gone, and there are books I haven't read.

I won't be living in my head. 

I'll come and lay beside you,

I'll lay beside you in this bed.

It's been a while since a song has inspired my own words. But that's what the music of Mackenzie Shivers does - it reignites a flame you did not realize was dim.

How often do we keep our dreams close to the pillow in which we lay our head, never letting them live out before us?

How often do we close our mouths around the words we wish to say - whether it is love or lust or hate or happiness or softness or sadness - instead of letting them out to hang in the air and the space between us?

How ofte do we live in the moments of yesterday or the promise of tomorrow - forgetting to live in the life that we find ourselves in?

How often do we live in the fear of what if - rather than living in the reality of what is?

It's easy to hide behind screens and be comfortable with the glow of the lives of others rather than seeking the light that is within you.

It's easy to live in our own little bubbles. To pretend that we know it all. To say that we don't need anyone. To think that we can do this life alone. To save the dreams and hopes for a brighter tomorrow for the sparkly moments of dreamland - for fear of disrupting the known. 


Dreams do not come to fruition through the glow your screen and the click of a keyboard. Dreams are not born from stoking the fire of fear and letting the unpredictability of the unknown overshadow what makes your heart happy.

Dreams come from dancing with the unknown. They come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, and surrounding yourself with people who challenge your mind and nourish your soul.

You were never meant to be small.

You were never meant to live inside your head.

There are too many people you've yet to meet - too many things you have yet to discover, too many things you have yet to learn.

So go. Soar. Thrive. Land. And then soar some more if you have to.