WTF Wedding Flowers

Let's talk about wedding flowers.

I love flowers. I think they're beautiful. Like a perfect piece of beauty in this crazy world. I always appreciate a bouquet. I have marveled at a field of sunflowers. I love how my grandmother speaks to her garden.

I am also a creative person. I understand that people need to get paid for their craft, for their work, for their artistry.

I get it, I really do.

But there's a difference between getting paid for the work you do, and downright thievery.

I recently got a quote from a florist to do the flowers for my wedding.

If you're a regular around here, you know I've lost all patience with the nonsense of wedding costs. If you're new, well, you can read my thoughts on the madness of wedding pricing here.

So, as I was saying - I got a quote from a florist to do the flowers for my wedding. We have a bridal party that totals 10 people. Including my fiancé and I, there's 12.

12 people.

We're getting married in a vineyard. THERE IS A SUNFLOWER FIELD ON THE PROPERTY.

The quote was $4700.00

Are you still breathing?


Now get this - they were charing me TEN DOLLARS A BOUTONNIÈRE. The suggestion was that the boutonnières be made out of spray roses, which are tiny roses. They're adorable. According to this florist, they're ten dollars per boutonnière. 

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. And there, in the florist section - were bouquets of sprig roses.

And, wait for it, THEY WERE $3.99 PER BOQUET.

To which I say, stop the madness.

Just stop.

I politely told the florist, nope, but our budget is not thousands of dollars for flowers. She told me, best of luck.

And that was that.

So, fellow brides & grooms & engaged couples - tune out the madness. You do not need to spend two mortgage payments at a florist.

You just need to find a Trader Joe's. 

..or someone who's not going to take advantage of the fact that you're blissfully happy, and hoping that you won't realize they're up-charging you to the max. 

Also - I discovered The Bouqs Company today - if anyone has an experience with them, do let me know!

Stay strong, my wedding warriors!