The Story of the Wrong Wedding Dress Color

We've been married one week now! And yes, I know that that's not a long time - but it's amazing to me how time truly does fly.

Our wedding was magical.

I'm not just saying that because it was my own wedding - many of our guests have used that adjective. 


But there were some pretty crazy things that happened the week of our wedding - and you know I love a good story, so here we go.

My wedding dress was the wrong color.

When I told this to my family, my little brother said - I thought there was just one color...white?

But as my fellow brides know, this is not the case.

There is white, there is ivory, there is champagne, there is latte. 

I'm sure there are more, but those are the colors that I kept coming back to - and then, I finally settled on my dress, which was supposed to have ivory lace with a latte underlay. 

Ten days before my wedding day, after my third fitting, I realized that the underlay was not latte, but white.

And then I proceeded to lose my mind.

And before you start picturing a Bridezilla moment, let me stop you right there - it didn't happen. I don't really have that chip. I just cried, and cried, and cried. I tend to go inwards when problems arise, and I was mad at myself for not picking this up as soon as I had my first fitting. 




This, dear friends, is why bridesmaids are important. My tribe of lovely ladies immediately sprang into action, "you're not a bridal consultant. It's their job to order what you asked for, and to catch potential mistakes from the factory. This is on them. Not on you."

Their words made me feel better, and gave me the courage to speak up.

The last fitting I brought it to the attention of the bridal staff - and they, unfortunately did not have the same reaction as my bridesmaids. They asked me why I hadn't brought it to their attention before then - which, just made me shut down. I was so tired, I just didn't have the energy to fight.

Because honestly, it's just a color. 

And I did love the dress.

And I happened to have a coloring that works well with both ivory and white. 

But I wanted to bring it to their attention because perhaps another bride wouldn't be as calm as I was - or perhaps another bride's day would be ruined. I thought they should know that they need to be careful with their orders. Someone slipped up, and in my case, I made it work. 

Others might not.

Unfortunately my words fell on deaf ears - so, newly engaged folks - let this be a cautionary tale, and double check the work of the bridal salons.

The big lesson here? It's a good  It made me calm on our wedding day - cause let's be honest, if I could get over them getting my dress order wrong, nothing else could bring me down! And, I keep thinking if Schuyler and I are blessed with a daughter of our own one day, it'll be a good story.

The madness didn't stop with the dress though...cause, well, this is me we're talking about.

The day before our wedding we received an email from the hotel where we were staying with our bridal party, parents, and out of town guests.

Apparently there was a squatter situation.

Yes, you read that right.

There was a guest who refused to leave, and while the sheriff was going to evict them, they would not be gone by Friday night, which is when we needed the room.

The hotel then asked us which guests we would be able to move to a different hotel, right down the road. The GM was also going to spring for an uber so they could get to and from the hotel where we were staying with ease.

I read the email, and I laughed.

I read the email, and thought, this has to be a joke.

I called Schuyler, and we laughed, together.

It was not a joke - and two of his dearest friends opted to take this new room (which happened to be larger than the original, so hey, I supposed that's a win!) 

The lesson here? It's another funny story. And just as long as we can laugh together - nothing else really matters. The laughter is the good stuff. That's where life lives. That's where love resides.