I think of Brussels, and my heart breaks.

I think of Ankara, and my heart breaks.

I think of Paris and the wounds that have not healed and it still does not compute.

I think of Jaffa, and Kenya and the other places ad faces that terror and evil have touched and my whole body feels heavy.

How long is the list now? Better yet - when does it stop?

Today was a day I spent working at my desk, writing, writing, and writing. And I could see military planes flying overhead. I could hear their rumbles and growls.

Perhaps it's the teacher in me, but the question in my mind, the only thing occupying my thoughts all day long was, what do we tell our children?

I mean, honestly..what do you say?

There are a lot of little folks in my life who I love more than anything, there are quite a number of people in my life who are pregnant, ready to bring life into this world, and I can't help but wonder, what kind of world are we creating for them? What is this legacy we leave behind?

I cannot, and will not, condone such violence.

And I'm confident in saying that there is no man or woman who walks this earth, that is of sound mind that would ever justify what happened today.

But what does that leave us with? The normal, sane, intelligent folks of the world don't condone senseless violence and blowing up airports and train stations and movie theatres and schools and  concert halls. Ok, great.

But now what?

I want to know what to do.

I've always wanted to know what to do. Give me a task. Give me a goal. Give me a cause. Give me something. Cause sitting back and watching people do unspeakable, despicable, disgusting acts in the name of another has never really sit well with me.

See, I believe that the good people of this planet are on the same page as me. That the lot of us recognize that such violence is NEVER justified. I believe that the good people on this planet do not want this violence and terror to be the normal for our children, and our children's children.

I cannot believe that we, as people, will let such darkness squelch out our light. I have to hold onto hope. To love. I have to hold onto the strength that comes from compassion and support of your brothers and sisters.

I want to know what to do.

But all I have is this. We must be there for one another. We must be an ear to listen. A shoulder to cry on. Open arms that welcome an embrace.

I believe that love triumphs over hate. And I believe we must do better.

We have to.