Zoe Sarnak

Theatre is Not Selfish.

The smoke wafted into my face.

"You want to be a wriiiitah, eh? Well, I hope you're selfish. Cause all writers, especially those for the theater are selfish."

Four years ago I had just taken the leap into self producing, directing, and creating my own work. Four years ago I had just recieved my first press tickets for thewriteteachers.com to see A Time to Kill

And four years ago I was standing outside some bar in Chelsea, listening to someone whom I was supposed to admire and look up to, tell me that the only way to be an artist is to be selfish.

Excuse me while I go vomit a little.

Or maybe a lot.

Because gee, the artists whom I've grown and love and admire in these past four years are anything but selfish.

They're giving.

Giving of their time, their talents, their love, their art.

Giving of their support, their gratitude, and their critiques. 

The tribe of artists I have come to know are some of the most giving people I have ever met - and it just…it gives me hope.

Hope for a world where people learn to support one another. Hope for a world where people lend a hand to those who need it. Hope for a world where compassion triumphs paychecks.

DUETS with The Write Teacher(s) Volume 3 is happening this Friday, and while this was a brainchild of mine three years ago, this level of artistry is happening because of a generosity of spirit of people whom I have come to know, admire, and adore.

Thank you - Stafford Arima, Stephen Bogardus, Preston Truman Boyd, Katie Rose Clarke, Lilli Cooper, Vadim Feichtner, Danny Gardner, Joe Iconis, Lizzie Klemperer, Ben Krauss, Lauren Marcus, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Laura Osnes, Zoe Sarnak, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Katie Thompson, and Cortney Wolfson.

Theatre is not made in a vaccum.

Theatre is not selfish.

Theatre is one of the most giving artforms there is - we bear our souls. Whether it is on paper, onstage, via the lights, via the set, via the sound, via the music, via the direction - a work of live theatre is a piece of the hearts and souls and voices and dreams of those who have dared to make their dreams come alive for others. For strangers. For you and me.

And gee, I don't think that's selfish AT ALL - do you?

. . . 

DUETS with The Write Teacher(s) Volume 3 plays Feinstein's/54 Below on April 15th. Tickets are available via this link, or calling 646-476-3551.

Feinstein's/54 Below is located at 254 W 54th Street, New York, New York 10019