Take the Time

The following post was originally published on I AM THAT GIRL.


It’s a term I hear everywhere I turn lately. Every article I read. Every post I see.


Part of self-worth is taking care of yourself and making sure you get the things you need. Knowing what you need to be at your best is important - and you and only you are the person whom can make that determination.

Sometimes, maintaining self-worth means taking time for yourself...solo.

And I think that’s easy to forget that in this age of digital connectedness. We’re constantly peering into one another’s lives. We’re with one another even when we’re not - and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s a bit too much.

It can be overwhelming to be constantly surrounded with people and posts - and taking time away from that to get the balance and clarity that you need is ok. It’s more than OK. I happen to believe it’s quite healthy. (But hey, I’m not a doctor, so don’t quote me on that one.)

Sometimes, life can get overwhelming. You’re juggling three jobs. You’re juggling school and work. You’re juggling school and work and relationships and friendships and families. Sometimes the carousel of life seems like it’s going a bit too fast. And all you can think is...push pause, please. I just need a pause.  

I think when that moment of woah happens - you have to do what works for you. If phoning a friend works, that’s great. But if you need that quiet time, take it.

Take the quiet time.

Take the quiet time, even if it’s for five minutes. Go outside. Look at the blue sky and the green grass and life bustling all around you, and just...breathe.

And then tell yourself, I will get through this. I have climbed mountains before, and I have gotten to the other side.

Say this with me, friends...

I will get to the other side of whatever is stressing me out. Whatever is making my head spin. Whatever is making me doubt. I will take time for myself today, looming deadlines be damned. I’ll sit for that manicure without my phone. I’ll go for a run. I’ll take a walk. I’ll read my favorite book. I’ll crawl up on the couch for that catnap. Cause there ain't no shame in self care, or taking those moments of clarity when I see fit.