The Place of Praise

I tend to have a problem saying "thank you" when I'm complimented. 


Someone tells me, "you're so ___________________ (fill in the blank with something positive)", and I say, "oh, no YOU are." It's an active effort for me to sit in that place of praise. 

I don't do it on purpose. 

It's like a knee jerk reaction - and I have no idea where it comes from.

Perhaps it's my need to please people, or because I'm not always comfortable with attention on me, or because I am my own worst critic.


But here's the thing - I know too many wonderful humans who do exactly the same thing, especially women. Girlfriends of mine who are brilliant at their crafts, their careers, at motherhood, at marriage - they too shy away from living in that place of praise.

And I wish we'd all just...stop it.

Perhaps it would be easier to stand in that praise if we saw our fellow sisters doing the same thing - and celebrated them for it, and even encouraged them to do so more often.

So, ladies of the world, hear me when I say, "it's OK to own your magnificence and celebrate your accomplishments. It's OK to say "thank you" when someone recognizes the good in you and the greatness that you're doing."

Humility is beautiful, sure. But being humble doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel the praise. 

Feel it.

Own it.

Embrace it.